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Jennifer Pereira, LPC, RD, LD

Jennifer Pereira  LPC, RD, LD

Jennifer is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Dietitian, and Licensed Dietitian. She has been in private practice since 2006 providing nutrition therapy, specializing in eating and behavioral food issues. She later graduated with her Masters in Professional Counseling and is licensed as an LPC by the State of Texas. 

Jennifer has worked with clients across the spectrum of wellness: this includes mental, emotional, and physical needs. She is trained in a specialized therapeutic and trauma treatment technique called EMDR.  Nutrition experience and focus ranges from those with eating disorders to chronic dieters to those who are just confused about how to eat. It is her goal to help people remember the natural relationship with food and self with which we were all born.

She provides counseling and/or nutrition services at her private practice, in office and online or phone sessions.

Individual Counseling/Therapy & Nutrition Counseling

*We are happy to provide psychotherapy and/or nutrition counseling, both online as well as locally in the office. We periodically offer group classes in the office. Our office is located at:

West Austin

4408 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 111

Austin, TX 78759


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Office visit--Counseling or Nutrition:

Regular Sessions (45-55 minutes):  $165

Shorter Sessions (20-30 minutes):  $115

*Online or Phone Sessions also available if unable to come to the office.

Please note: In some cases insurance may reimburse part of your session fee. You will be provided with a form to submit to insurance at your visit. We have had many clients who were incorrectly told their insurance would not cover these visits, but they actually were reimbursed for these visits. 


The Time is Now...

There just isn't a good time to start the difficult process of healing or growth other than NOW. The best time is always NOW. It doesn't have to interfere with your life and, to be honest, it is going to make your life better, easier, and more manageable. 

That resistance you feel is just the pull of the familiar, it isn't something helpful--just another false answer. Of course your current situation isn't all honey and roses either but it is what you know, it is just the gravitational pull of the habitual, of the known. Too often we cling to what we know even when it is obvious that it isn't what we want or need. 

There is a point where we decide to either settle for what we have and make the best of it or to strike out for parts unknown with the certainty that out there, somewhere, is our destiny, our authentic self. It is challenging. It is exciting. It is scary, and it is necessary. You've known that for a long time now. Stepping off is a very unsettling feeling but it leads to the place most of us only dream about - to be healthy, happy and balanced.

Don't keep putting off your search for comprehensive, whole-person healthy lifestyle support, It's not going to get any easier and if you wait around too long, you'll just give in and give up. We're talking about your health and wellness here. What is that worth to you? Imagine how your life would look if you weren't a slave to your emotions and behaviors, and if your past was really finally settled and at peace. 
The time is now and the choice is yours.


The best things in life are typically equal parts exciting and scary.

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