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How do YOU define a healthy lifestyle?

Why do you need a nutritionist ? Don't you know what you are supposed to eat already? This is what many people say to me: "I know what to eat, I just don't do it." Well, what if I told you what few people know...all that stuff you know is making your eating worse.

The healthy eating advice is well-meaning. It is what we were taught in school to spread health to all (like little health fairies). It was somewhere along my path in school that I began to see this approach wasn't working.

Even in school they made it pretty clear it was hard for people to follow healthy eating advice. I discovered 98% of people regain any weight that is lost through healthy eating diet plans. In fact, research is showing the long term result of these plans is weight gain.

Every overweight client I've counseled has been on multiple diets, losing and gaining hundreds of pounds over time. The shame and disappointment climb with the number on the scale. Any weight loss cannot be enjoyed because of the palpable fear of weight regain.

Oh, and there will be regain. This is because these nutrition programs only address what you eat. They do not look at the more important factors of:





The approach I use in my practice is the only one I have found to work long term. By 'work' I don't necessarily mean it brings high speed weight loss. In fact, weight loss is not the focus of the process at all. The goal of this process is to normalize the relationship with food.

When you no longer fear food or use food for reasons other than hunger, your weight may change as a result.

(Note: We use the term 'Nutritionist' for simplicity, since it is a familiar term for most people. However, be aware that anyone can use this term, it is not a guarantee of experience or ability. We are actually Registered Dietitians, which means we are Board Certified nutrition experts.)

Weight loss is not necessarily important for health. I know that may be hard to believe, but the research is piling up against the need for the war on obesity. All of this obesity fighting actually corresponds with increases in weight and eating disorders.

I encourage you to read what I have written on this site. I try to point you in the direction of real healthy eating habits , but they will be different than what you are used to seeing. While reading the information will be helpful, many people find they benefit from more personal support.

If you would like me to personally guide you on this path, please review the options for nutritional counseling . Or, if you would like more intensity, but prefer to work on this independently, you can explore my course on intuitive eating . I'm always happy to answer questions you may have, so feel free to contact me through the site, or become a fan on facebook.

Jennifer Pereira LPC, RD, LD

Jennifer is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian and Licensed Professional Counselor. She has been in private practice since 2006 providing nutrition therapy, specializing in eating and behavioral food issues.  She graduated in 2013 with her Masters in Professional Counseling to allow her to enhance her effectiveness with clients.

Jennifer has worked with clients across the spectrum of weight and wellness: from those with anorexia/eating disorders to chronic dieters to those having gastric bypass surgery. It is her goal to help people remember the natural relationship with food with which we were all born.

She provides services through W.I.S.E., Project Bliss, private practice, and online/phone.

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Jennifer Pereira LPC, RD -  Therapist & Dietitian

Do you have a problem?

1. Do you worry that you have lost control over how much you eat?

2. Do you make yourself sick (or use laxatives/exercise) if you feel uncomfortably full?

3. Do you currently suffer with or suffered in the past with eating issues?

4. Do you ever eat in secret?

5. Does your weight affect how you feel about yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you are not satisfied with your current eating patterns, contact us for more information.